The Leigh Leckerman Scholarship Fund

Testimonial Stories

How We All Have Helped

We measure our success in lives changed. These stories are a testament to the real immediate difference that your donations can and have made when we come together to create meaningful change in the lives of so many who have struggled with substance abuse disease.

“I was thrown a life preserver. My Leigh Leckerman Scholarship gave me an opportunity. Someone I didn’t even know was funding this for me. Someone believed in me.”

Kelly O’Brien, 2014

Kelly began using drugs in 5th grade, attended college, played varsity basketball and was an honor student, all the while using and drinking until on day hitting bottom. O’Brien has learned to live without alcohol and drugs. Today she vol- unteers as a spokesperson for the Leigh Leckerman Schol- arship Fund and shares her story to help others break free of addiction.

“The moment I tried to check into rehab and found out I did not have the money or insurance, I was ready to do what I did best…run. That was the story of my life… running back to the needle as I did so many times before. It took me to Houston where I was homeless, and later to Harrsiburg, living in a mission. I will never forget the hope and opportunity Leigh’s Scholarship has given me.”

Devin Torres, 2018

Devin’s letter also described how fast he received a call back about a Leigh’s scholarship, “within 5-minutes, a call from a random stranger!” He added, “Someone helped me when I was hopeless, hopefully one day I will pass it on!”

“A friend of mine contacted the Leigh Leckerman Scholarship organization who in turn, within 1-hour, helped me get into Livengrin’s recovery facility and also made it possible for an even longer stay…which Iso definitely needed!”

Roger Lillo, 2019

Today, and months after rehab, Roger is on his way in his life in grateful recovery thanks to a Leigh Leckerman schol- arship and has maintained friendships with both counselors and fellow patients. Roger added, “Sobriety has changed my life so dramatically for me, my children and family. I am prouder of that than I was when I graduated college.”